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How to Apply

Ancillary Child Care Center Employees

An illustration of an adult and a child arriving at a day care building on a heart shaped background

Ancillary child cares are child care centers at businesses (such as health clubs and gyms or a store). Child care services are provided while the customers or clients work at the gym, or shop. These child care centers are not licensed or regulated by community care licensing in California. Instead, ancillary child care center staff members who are 18 years of age or older that work in the child care center, must Register on TrustLine.

Employees of an ancillary child care center:

  1. Contact the company that is requiring you to apply to TrustLine
  2. Get the TrustLine Background Check application and instructions from the company

(If you are the owner of an ancillary child care center, and would like to Register your employees with TrustLine, please see the agency section on this website to find out how to set up your company with a TrustLine account).

An illustration of an adult and a child arriving at a day care building on a heart shaped background

TrustLine Background Check Application Process Overview

If you work at an ancillary child care center, please get the TrustLine application and instructions from the company where you work.  It is important because each company uses applications with unique coding for that company. 

Application information:

The company requiring you to apply will give you instructions on the application process they would like you to use. 

However, once you receive the application from the company requiring you to apply, if you need more detailed instructions about the application process, you can find a step-by-step guide on the how to apply section of our website here.

For TrustLine Background Check status results:

After you  submit the TrustLine Background Check application and your fingerprints, to check your status, call TrustLine at 800-822-8490, or email You will just need to provide your first and last name and ID number (CA or Out-of-State Driver’s License or ID number, or a permanent resident card). 

If you submitted your TrustLine application information online, using the Guardian database, you can check your status in your Guardian profile.