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TrustLine Background Check For Your Nanny or Babysitter

TrustLine Background Check is a helpful tool for parents choosing a potential nanny or babysitter. Caregivers Registered with TrustLine, have no disqualifying criminal convictions, arrests or substantiated child abuse reports in California.

Applicants submit a TrustLine application and an application processing fee of $43.00, to the California Department of Social Services (CDSS), and their fingerprints to the Department of Justice (DOJ) for a fee of $64.00. When applicants fingerprint, a fingerprint scanning fee, that varies by Live Scan vendor, will be collected along with the DOJ fee. Since the Live Scan fee varies, the total fee of $143.00 dollars to go through TrustLine is approximate. This is a one-time only fee.

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Did you know?

TrustLine is the only background check authorized by state law to use three databases that the general public, including private investigators and private background check companies, cannot access.

Steps To Register Your Nanny or Babysitter With TrustLine Background Check:

  1. Request the TrustLine Background Check application (click link below or call 800-822-8490) 
  2. Submit the application, fingerprints and fees
    Online option: Applicants submit their application information and $43 dollar fee on the online database, Guardian. Next, they print the Live Scan form from Guardian, and bring it to their Live Scan fingerprinting appointment. Get fingerprinted. Live Scan locations can be found at The fingerprints are submitted electronically and nothing needs to be mailed in.
    *Mail-In option: Applicants fill out, and bring the TrustLine application (TLR9163G) to their fingerprint appointment. After fingerprinting, they mail in the application and the $43 dollar check or money order to the California Department of Social Services
  3. Call TrustLine to check their status, after the application, fingerprints and fees have been submitted
  4. Remember TrustLine is updated on a continual basis, so you can call periodically to check their current status

When you request the TrustLine application, the application will come with detailed instructions. You may also view or direct your babysitter or nanny to this section on our website, where they can request the TrustLine application directly, and find detailed instructions about how to apply.

Some parents may feel uncomfortable talking to their caregivers about conducting a criminal history background check and requiring them to be registered with TrustLine. Remember, all child care providers who operate in State-Licensed settings, such as child care centers, have undergone a similar screening process. Employment agencies in California are also required by law to register their caregivers with TrustLine upon placement. 

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