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Resources for Child Care Providers

Whether you're a nanny or babysitter, professional visitation monitor, involved in child transportation, working in an ancillary child care center, or other child care provider not required to be licensed, here are tools and support available for your work with children. 

Going through the TrustLine Background Check is just one step in your career as a child care provider.
Below, you will also find info on: 

TrustLine Tips Support and Training Become a Licensed Child Care Provider Additional Resources
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Did you know?

TrustLine, California's Official Background Check For Nannies and Babysitters

All employment agencies (nanny and babysitter placement agencies) in California are required by law to register their caregivers with TrustLine upon placement.

TrustLine Background Check may be required by the agency or family you are working with. You can also Register with TrustLine on your own, as one way to show families you are committed to providing quality child care.

Ways TrustLine Registration Can Support Your Career in Child Care

If you’re interested in providing child care as a babysitter or nanny, or another type of child care that is not required to be licensed, being registered on TrustLine is an important credential to have when looking for employment.
  1. Registering on TrustLine can help show families, and other employers, that you are committed to providing quality care
  2. TrustLine Background Check can be used on your child care provider resume
  3. When applying to nanny agencies and other child care employers in California that require you to be Registered with TrustLine, you will already be prepared
  4. If a family asks you to go through a background check, you will already be prepared

Find information on how to apply to the TrustLine Background Check

TrustLine Tips:

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where to fingerprint for TrustLine?

Live Scan fingerprints can be done at a Police or Sheriff station, a UPS store that does Live Scan, or Live Scan Locations can be found at:

You will need to bring the Live Scan Fingerprinting form (TLR9163) with you to the Live Scan Site, or if you are doing the mail-in process, you will bring the TrustLine application (TLR9163G). The Live Scan operator will scan your fingerprints and sign off on your form. Your fingerprints will be submitted electronically.

2. How to check TrustLine Background Check results?

You, a parent, or an agency, can call TrustLine at 800-822-8490, or email to check your current TrustLine Registration information. Callers will just need to provide your first and last name, and your ID number (CA or Out-of-State Driver’s License or ID number, or a permanent resident card).

If you applied online, using the Guardian database, you can go into your online profile to check your results. However, please note, parents cannot log onto Guardian to see results, only the applicant or agency that submitted the application can access that information on Guardian.

3. Have you previously gone through a Background Check?

Not all background checks are done on the same level of TrustLine, so your previous background check and fingerprints may not apply. However, if you have worked at a Community Care Licensed facility (preschool or child care center) within the last three years, you can transfer your background check clearance to TrustLine. If it was TrustLine Background Check you previously went through, we will check if you are still Registered with TrustLine.

Call us at 800-822-8490 with your name and ID number and we will check to see if the background check you previously went through meets TrustLine requirements.

4. Where can you get your TrustLine letter?

If you are Registered with TrustLine, meaning you passed the background screening, you will receive a letter from the California Department of Social Services, which will state that you are Registered on TrustLine. You can share this letter with families or agencies that are requiring you to apply to TrustLine.

To get copy of your letter, which will come from the California Child Care Resource & Referral Network, call 800-822-8490 or email We can mail or email your letter to you, a parent, or an agency.

Support and Training for Child Care Providers

Connect to your local child care support specialist

Contact your local Child Care Resource and Referral Agency (CCR&R). 

CCR&R's are in every county and serve families, child care providers and the local community. They provide child care referrals and information to parents. They also can provide support and training to you, and other child care providers:

  • Help you improve the quality of the child care you provide

  • Give workshops and learning opportunities

  • Sometimes provide playgroups 

  • Can point you to resources you may need

  • Can help you get licensed

You can find your local CCR&R in a few ways

Become a Licensed Child Care Provider

Thinking about your options as a child care provider?

TrustLine Background Check is for in-home and license-exempt child care providers. That means you can care for your own children and also for children from just one other family.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed family child care provider, that would mean caring for children from multiple families at the same time. Licensed providers in California could possibly open a Family Child Care Home. FCCH's can be small (up to 8 children) or large (up to 14 children with a helper).

Free Resources & Support becoming a licensed child care provider:
Your local Child Care Resource and Referral (R&R) agency can help walk you through the process. 

You can connect to your local R&R by:

Connect to the Child Care Initiative Project to receive info about free resources, training, and the chance to meet other caregivers, and to connect to your local R&R.

Additional Resources (Websites)

Websites and articles with tips, resources and information. TrustLine is not responsible for the content of the resource links.